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Upcoming Litters

 Mother Nature participates in all planned breedings! As a result, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. OSL reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter. It may even be necessary at times to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing due to the interference of Mother Nature in regards to timing. In the event we replace a stud or a future pairing, we will make every effort to ensure the same colors and sizes expected for the litter, however this may not always be possible.  OSL accepts 5 deposits per litter, and reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program from any of our planned litters. It is not uncommon for our wait lists to fill up quickly, so please take the time to fill out and submit an adoption application if you are interested in adding a future OSL puppy to your family!!

Ocean States Parti Favor “jojo” & Ocean States Almost Famous “Ritchie”

This litter is fully booked!

Pregnancy Confirmed! Pups Expected August 8th! We can hardly contain our excitement about this Spring Honeymoon with our gorgeous Jojo and handsome stud muffin Ritchie! This is a repeat performance as their last litter was so exceptional together we couldnt resist letting these two lovebirds reunite! Jojo is a large medium Australian Labradoodle with a stunning apricot parti fleece coat, beautiful brown eyes and a temperamant that is destined for therapy work! She is the daughter of our Jozey and Dugan and has absolutely the best traits of each of her parents! Jojo is beyond sweet , affectionate, soulful, loving, social, stable and just and all around amazing dog and example of our breed! She is an amazing mom, and her pups are always stunning with the most wonderful temperaments. She is an asset to our program and we could not be more proud to have her! She is the ultimate example of what our breed stands for. Her babies are simply amazing in every way from looks! RITCHIE.....OMG wht can I say about the red headed hearthtrhob except we just adore every part of him! He is a solid medium size caramel Australian Labradoodled and the son of our beautiful CLover and handsome Archie and he is just about as perfect as perfect gets! ! He has a gorgeous fleece coat, mesmorizing amber eyes, and callingthis boy a total love is an understatement. Ritchie is another soulful, gentle,therapeutic dog that is just about as human as human gets! He is a complete love, always wagging his tail and wiggling his body, and he will light up any room he i s in! His pups are always amazing, and we know this pairing will be absolutely beautiful with stunning pups and incredible temperaments! We expect this pairing to be solid edium in size with gorgeous fleece coats and exceptional temperaments . Pups should range betweeen 18-21” and 30-45lbs.Expected colors are caramel, red, caramel and white parti and aprticot & white parti.

Ocean States Making Music “Addison” & Ocean States Ima Boy Toy “Tucker”


This litter is fully booked!

Addison has been bred! Pups Expected Aug 24th! It is  a bittersweet time as this is our beautiful Addison’s retirement litter but we are SOOOOO excited about the impending honeymoon she has coming up with our absolutely adorable little muppet of a stud muffin Tucker! Addison is a medium sized Autstralian Labradoodle and the daughter of our gorgeous Addison and handsome stud muffin Chase! She is caramel in color with a gorgeous fleece coat, amazing human like eyes and is a floppy love sponge! Addison spends many of her days with her mom working in her therapy practice and is loved by all who meet her! She is light on her feet, super affectionate, loving, loyal, and a feel good doggie through and through! She has been such a wonderful mom, and her babies have been nothing short of perfection! Its impossible to not love this soulful girl and I would venture she knows just what it takes to lift your spirits up! We have been so blessed with her, and she has played a pivotal role in our our programTUCKER! First of all HOLY CUTENESS! One look at this face and you cannot help but melt! Tucker is a miniature Australian LAbradoodle and the son of Bella and Chewy. He is a gorgeous caramel fleece coat, the most adorable white markings, amber beautiful eyes and a human personality! This boy is everything we could have hoped for and more and is an outstanding spot on example of the Australian Labradoodle Breed. He is super loving, soulful, sweet as can be with a heart filled with nothing but love! It is impossible to not love being around this little guy and not a chance he wont make you smile! He is happy go lucky, light on his feet, and has just the right amount of everything! His babies have been so stunning and so sweet and we cant wait to have little Tucker and Addison babies running around!. Pups should range betweeen 15-17” and 20-30 lbs .Expected colors are caramel, caramel and white mismarks, and caramel/white parti .

Ocean States Glitz & Glamour  “Nelly”” & Labradoodle Dreams Chewy “Chewy”

Chewy the cutie pie!
Penelope almost a year old!
Precious P!

This litter is fully booked!

Nellie has been bred! Pups Expected Sept 5 2018!Another bittersweet time as our gorgeous Nellie is having her retirement litter but we are super excited she and handsome stud muffin Chewy are having a repeat performance litter as their last was perfection!  Nellie is an Australian Labradoodle and the daughter of our beloved Bella and handsome stud muffin Buster. She is a small medium in size with a gorgeous Apricot and White coat with heavy mismarks, beautiful eyes, and she has the most adorable and fun personality! This girl is always happy, always smiling, super sweet. loving, and an amazing family dog! She is an fabulous mama, and her babies are always show stopping beautiful with wonderful temperaments. She has played a pivotal role in our program, and this swan song litter will sure prove to be a special one! She is everything we ever could have hoped for from Bella and Buster, and another exceptional example of the Australian Labradoodle. Chewy Chewy Chewy!!! What can I say about this little guy except I just adore every part of him! He is a large miniature Australian Labradoodle with a chocolate and white fleece coat, totally human eyes that capture your soul, and this little guy is a complete love sponge! He is super loving and gentle, so loyal, light on his feet and another feel good doggie without a doubt. Chewy is an outstanding example of the Australian Labradoodle and he has played a pivotal role not only in our program but also within the breeding community. His puppies have been beyond beautiful with amazing temperaments, some even doing therapy work which we are so very proud of! Nellie and Chewy had a fabulous previous litter and we are super excited to see their offspring agin as they were perfect!! We expect this pairing to be miniature to miniature in size with gorgeous fleece coats and exceptional temperaments . Pups should range betweeen 15-17” and 20-25 lbs like their previous litter together. .Expected colors are apricot, gold,  black, black/white parti  and apricotl/white parti 

Ocean States Ima Showstopper Too “Ginger” & Ocean States Lil Rhody “Linclon”

Handsome Lincoln all grown up!
Lincoln got his groom on!

This litter is fully booked!

Ginger has been bred! Pups Expected Sept 7th 2018! Our adorable Ginger is ready for some summer fun and has a honeymoon with our stud muffin Lincoln which we are excited about! Ginger is a miniature Australian Labradoodle and the daughter of our beloved Jilly and Chewy! She has a stunning caramel fleece coat with the most adorable white markings, beautiful amber eyes. and a face to die for! This little girl is super sweet. affectionate, loyal, comical, and pretty much as human as they get! Her tail never stops wagging and she is a perpetually happy dog that wiggles from head to toe when she greets you. She is a little dog in a big jacket and her pups have been absolutely perfect! She is a great mama and passes on her looks and charisma to her litte ones! Lincoln is a stunning apricot Australian Labradoodle and the son of our beloved Jozey and Tommy! He is medium in size witha gorgeous apricot fleece coat, super expressive brown eyes, and this guy is a lover bou through and through. He too is always happy, never meets a stranger, and is an amazing family dog! He knows no strangers and is a super loyal easy going dog that loves to please. He has the best traits of both his parents and his pups are absolutely adorable with wonderful dispositions! We are excited if the stars aligh to have a wonderful litter of Ginger/Lincoln babies and think this pairing will prove to be not just show stopping adorable, but also wonderful family companions  . Pups should range betweeen 15-17” and 20-25 lbs although some pups may be a little smaller and others may be little larger than expected. .Expected colors are red apricot and gold. Some pups may express some white markings and some should be solid in color. All pups will have black nose pigment like Lincoln. 

Ocean States Embrace the Magic “Mikki” &  Landmarks King of Hearts “Chase”

Gorgeous and Happy Chase!
Adorable Chase!

This litter is fully booked!

Mikki is in Season Now! Pups Expected mid Sept 2018! ! Our absolutely too cute for words muppet Mikki and gorgeous stud muffin Chase are going to have a Spring Honeymoon and we are so excited she is all grown up and going to be a mama this summer! Mikki is a large miniature Australian Labradoodle and the daughter of our precious Moxie and adorable stud muffin Chewy! She has a gorgeous choco!ate & white parti fleece coat, beautiful amber eyes, an irresistable face, and charsisma for days! This girl is cute as a button and sweet as can be! She is loving, always happy, smart, and a bit of a resident clown like her mama Moxie! To see Mikki is to believe she is real and we could not have asked for a more perfect pup to carry on both her parents legacies! She is a love sponge and impossible to resist! Chase knows absolutely no strangers and is the happiest and friendliest guy! He has such a bounce to his step, a twinkle in his eyes, and always a smile on his face :-) He is super sweet, playful, snuggly, and lives for all the attention he can get! He is a bit of a class clown, and has a very loveable and so full of life personality that you just want to bottle him up and pass him along to anyone in the world that is having a bad day! Chase is a wonderful example of the Australian Labradoodle and what it stands for, and his puppies have been nothing short of absolutely sensational! We expect this to be a wonderful pairing with both Mikki and Chase with pups not only having their parents stunning good looks, but a wonderful touch of the best traits that both Mikki and Chase have to offer! We are super excited to have little Mikki and Chase babies running around the house! Pups should range betweeen 16-18” and 25-30lbs.Expected colors are caramel, chocolate, black gold and possibly phantom. THERE WILL NOT BE PARTI. IN THIS LITTER. UNLESS THE SIRE CHANGES.

Ocean States Uptown Girl “Tillie” &  Cream Puffs Caranello de Neito “Carson”


NowAcepting 1 Additional Application & Deposit on this litter!

Planned Breeding for July 2018! WE ARE ANXIOUSLY WAITING ON MOTHER NATURE! Get ready for cute, cute and more cute when our absolutely precious and handsome stud muffin Carson have a Spring fling that will hopefully result in Summer puppies! Tillie is a larrge mediums sized Australian Labradoodles and the daughter of our beautiful Holly and adorable stud muffin Chewy! She has a beautiful caramel and white parti fleece coat, honest to goodness human like amber eyes, and a super sweet temperament that you cant help but be drawn to. She is loving, loyal, affectionate, silly, and all around great family dog. Tillie takes on the best traits of both her mom and dad and we are so proud to have her carry on their legacy! She is pretty hard to resist, and we just know she is going to produce beautiful puppies with amazing personalites. It is hard to resist this precious face and loving girl and we are so excited for her to be a mama! One look at this adorable girl and there isnt a chance you would pass up giving her some love!  Carson is the new kid on the block and has been  having a whole lot of fun wooing all the OSL girls! We are pretty positive he is in love with his job and the girls just adore him!! This adorable boy is a medium sized Australian Labradoodle with a caramel fleece coat, beauiful human like amber green eyes. and a temperament that is in line with a live teddy bear! Carson is super sweet, loving, extremely social and knows no strangers! He is perpetually happy and the easiest dog to be around! Hehas been doing an amazing job producing beautiful puppies with fantastic temperaments. Carson will literally melt in your arms or lap and no doubt would turn a non dog lover into a dog lover in an instant! We expect this pairing to be miniature to small medium in size with gorgeous fleece coats and exceptional temperaments . Pups should range betweeen 15-17” and 22-27 lbs.Expected colors are caramel, and caramel/white parti  PLEASE NOTE THE STUD MAY CHANGE  FOR THIS LITTER.

Please Read Important Information Below.....

To All Applicants:

We are in the process of planning our litters for 2018! Please check back often as our new seasonal litter plans will be posted soon!

Please NOTE: Our lists fill up quickly, and applications are responded to in the order in which they are received. In an effort to allow us to focus our attention on our puppies and mama’s, when the website reflects that all litters are fully booked, please refrain from submitting an application until availability has opened up and new litters have been posted. We will not be able to respond to inquiries and applications during times when our litters are booked!

If you have previously submitted an application during a time our lists were all fully booked and you have not heard back from us, please be sure to resubmit your application once the website reflects availability . Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    If you are interested in a puppy from any of the upcoming litters that reflect availability, PLEASE take the time to fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION prior to contacting us. We love to hear from you, but please keep in mind that we are very busy raising the best puppies possible for our families which takes up the majority of our every day! Once your application is received and reviewed, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible to discuss a puppy adoption in more detail. You can copy and paste your Adoption Application into an email or attach the application using a  Microsoft Word Document.

    Email your application to:




As a health measure and safety precaution for our pups and moms, our home is not open to the general public for visits. If you have a confirmed reservation on an upcoming litter, you will have the opportunity to meet our parent dogs (that live here) at our home when you pick up your puppy on puppy pick up day.

Thank you for understanding and respecting our policy!


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