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Cassie March 08

They’re Here!!!!! Congratulations to Cassie and Lil Woody on an absolutely stunning litter of seven happy, healthy babies born March 12th!!

All puppies have forever homes. Be sure to follow this page and watch for updates to see the puppies grow from week to week!


Cassie and her babies
cassie and woody puppies day 1 001

Congratulations to the following families....

 1.The Jacobs Family of CT

2. The Merandi Family of NY

3.The Samble Family of MA

4. The Cohen Family of MA

5. The Osofsky Family of MA

6. The Millette Family of MA

7. The Fischer Family of NC

Cassie’s Puppies at One Day Old!

Cass and Woody Green F 1 Day LightPinkGirl
Cass and Woody Red Boy 1 Day
Cass and Woody Purple Girl 1 Day
Dark Pink Girl
Cass and Woody Black Boy
Cass and Woody Yellow Girl 1 Day

Here We are at One Week Old!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Cassie Green Girl Week One Cassies Light Pink Girl Week One
Cassies Red Boy Week One Cassies Purple Girl Week One
Cassies Black Boy Week One Cassies Yellow Girl Week One
Dark Pink

We are Two Weeks Old and Can See the World!!!

Cassie Green Girl Red Boy Cassie
Cassie Purple Girl
Cassies Light Pink Girl Week 2
Cass Woody Black M Week 2 Cassies Dark Pink Girl Week Two
Cass Wood Yellow F Week 2

The Super Duper Seven at Three Weeks Old!

Green Girl (2)
Cassies Red Boy Week Three
Cassies Purple Girl Week 3 Cassie L Pink Girl
Cassies Black B
D Pink Girl
Cassies Yellow Girl Week 3

Four Weeks Old and We are Growing Up So Fast!

Cass Wood L Pink G Week 4
Green Girl Red Boy Cass Wood Purple Girl Week 4
Black B Yellow Girl
Cass Woody D Pink Girl Week 4

Now We Are Five Weeks Old and Cute As Buttons!!

Green Girl Week 5
Red Boy Week Five Purple Girl Week 5 Light Pink Week 5
Black Boy Week 5
Yellow Girl Week 5 Dark Pink Week 5

Here We are at 6 Weeks Old and Exploring the Great Outdoors!

Cassies Green Girl Week 6
Cassies Red Boy Week 6 Cassie Purple Girl 6 Weeks
Cassies Light Pink Girl Week 6
Cassies D Pink Girl 6 Weeks
Black Boy Casssie Yellow Girl Six Weeks

Seven Weeks Old and Almost Ready to Go Home to Our Wonderful Families!!!!

Sophie Jacobs 7 Weeks Kilarney
Light Pink Girl
Allie Lucy

Eight Weeks Old and We are Ready to Go to our Forever Homes!

Sophie Jacobs Maggie Millette
Killarney Samble Chewie Cohen
Cooper Merandi
Lucy Fischer
Allie Osofsky

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